Long weekend of babysitting and moving!

Saturday I babysat 3 extra kids. A 6 year old, 17 month old, 4 month old, Seema. Colleen came over to help out. WHEW!! The 3 youngest were a handful themselves. lol It was only for 3 hours and after they left Seema and I both took 1 hour naps.

We helped Lizz & Matt move Saturday and Sunday afternoons.
Their new 2 bedroom house is cute. The bedrooms are very good in size. Larger than Seema’s & guest rooms that we have.

We played outside in the grass for a bit this evening. Had to go back inside before the chiggers came out.



  • Seema got her 6th tooth yesterday/last night. It’s her 4th on the top!
  • She learned how to high five.

Few extra from the day…