I like this idea. Ok, so I like reading what people do and I like sharing what I do. lol
I love including photos too!
This idea comes from Ali

We got our first iPod about a month ago. Punit takes it to work to listen to music/podcasts to help the hours fly by. I recently found a TON of podcasts on iTunes that I like.
Here’s what I’m subscribed to, tell me what you are listening to?
Baby Timeyet to start listening to, but they are downloaded
fitMusic.comyet to start listening to
Greys Anatomy Official podcast I’ve heard from Carey that these are good, hope to listen before Thurs
Manic Mommiesso far I enjoy this one
Motherhood Uncensoredyet to start listening to
PediaCast: a pediatric podcast L.O.V.E it!
PregTASTIC yet to start listening to (downloaded the post-pregnancy one)
The Diva Castlistened to 1, not sure if it’s for me though. Seemed to waste my time some.

Seema updates…

  • teeth # 8 & 9 showed up Friday. #9 is her first molar. Ouch!
  • She loves a game of peek a boo from within the closet. ROFL!
  • She is starting to walk between 4 and 8 steps, when she wants too.
  • The chicken pox look like they might be starting to scab over possibly by tomorrow. They look like they were drying out tonight.


  • My daughter hasn’t “used” a paci since she was 6 months old. Then this week she found one in her toy bin and decided that she loves them. What makes that happen? I’m letting her use it for “comfort” since she’s sick and teething right now but then they will be gone. She now groans instead of talking and I don’t like that.
  • I could just sit there and watch her crawl in front of me and still have an amazed look on my face, like I did the first time she did it. I still can’t believe that she can crawl!


If you know someone who’s beginning the journey of pregnancy or planning it this would be a great, thoughtful, cheap gift. The Essential Pregnancy Organizer: 40 weeks +
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