Why I need a true entry or mud room… so I can fill it with coat racks and shoe racks. I love Ikea, don’t you?


  • Woke up to Seema crying at 4 this morning! This is the second day in a row. She’s actually working on tooth #10 also. So that 2 teeth on top and 1 on bottom all coming in at the same time. You know it’s just the start of a “not so good” day.
  • Breakfast
  • Bath time for Seema.
  • Watch Betsy’s Kindergarten Class on PBS.
  • Daddy got home from work.
  • Morning nap for Seema.
  • Watched DIY and some Mtv recordings.
  • Lunchtime. Seema ate great! Grapes, chicken with noodles and veggies.
  • Afternoon (and much needed) nap for Seema.
  • Refreshing shower with some refreshing awaken salt. Love this stuff!
  • Laundry
  • drink a bunch of water
  • edit some photos

It it vacation time, yet?