We went to the pumpkin patch and farm Friday mid-day.
Come to find out they weren’t actually open to the public at that time, just for schools and groups that had reserved the stop. rofl! Oh well they let us tag along with one of the groups so it worked out. 🙂

Now that Seema can walk she loves exploring and I love it too.

She pet the goats, the calves, the cows… we saw the chickens.

We played on the playground (they had tire swings that were horses and other fun stuff!)
We went to the pumpkin patch.
We saw the pigs, and smelled them too! phew
Then we got to see how the cows got milked and got to feed one of the calves a bottle. Well we watched. I knew if Seema got to close to that milk bottle she might be the one being feed instead of the calf.