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I had a guest reviewer test out and review Chicks-n-Chickens Lullaby Exercises DVD.  Hope you enjoy reading through this review, I sure did!



Chicks-n-Chickens Lullaby Exercises DVD/CD Review

By Lizz @tinkerbell0625

I was excited when my sister, Sarah, invited me to tryout this DVD/CD combo with my 2 ½ month old daughter and write a review! The day I picked to tryout the DVD happened to be the hottest day we’ve had this year. We had yet to turn our a/c on and had the windows open to try and catch what little of a breeze we could. It was 83 degrees out; and I’m sure I got double the workout!

For starters, the packaging is done in teal and brown; one of my favorite color combos!

The Lullaby Exercises DVD is described as “fun, easy-to-learn movements {dancing, swaying, stretching and relaxing} that are performed while holding a baby in your arms or in a baby carrier.”  As someone without a baby carrier I was curious as to how this would work. But, I soon found out that some moves, like the arm exercises, I could just do one arm at a time!

There are 8 segments on the DVD:

~Warmup: as someone w/ a lack of coordination I enjoyed how the moves were simple and gone over multiple times.

~Squats: wow, this definitely left my legs burning!

~Legs & Arms: like I said above at first I was confused on how to do the arm excercises w/o a carrier but I was happy when I realized I could still do the segment.

~Tummy: the sit-ups were interesting at first, I had never thought about doing them while standing up.

~Cardio: I was already sweating when I got to this segment! I dreaded seeing the word cardio but pushed through and was proud of myself.

*I just HAD to take a water break* J

~Sway/Reflect: this was much needed! My little one fell asleep and I didn’t think she was going to!

~Stretch/Relax: I really enjoyed the neck excercises and by this time my little one was snoring.

~Sleep: I laid my little one down and she was off in sleep land!

I really enjoyed this DVD! The music was upbeat and fun and soothing when needed. It was just over 30 minutes, something I could for sure fit into my schedule. My daughter started to wake up and I popped the CD in and she was calmed back to sleep.