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What brought my attention to The Baby Gardner store is the vintage feel of their products.  I am so much more inclined to purchase toys and clothes that don’t have Disney characters plastered all over them.  Plus, I really love felt toys, even though we don’t actually have any yet.  I am also a photographer and prefer clients dress in clothing that won’t distract from looking at their beautiful faces.

These are a few of my favorites from her store…

Animal Crackers felt play set

Daddy & Baby Elephant chunky puzzle

Elephant Never Forget crib shoes

Deanna is the owner and artist of this store, she is giving 10% off an order from her store to my readers!!  When ordering use the code BGBLOG to receive the discount.  Offer expires 7/31/2009.



The winner of the $15 gift certificate to The Stork Shop is CESSTRELLE !!

I will be sending you an email shortly.  You’ll have to send me a picture of what you end up ordering so I can show everyone what you got!

Lately we have been letting Little Monkey help us more and more with cooking meals in the kitchen.  She likes to stir things, dump things in bowls, and most importantly she likes to taste test.

Here’s her showing of her adult sized apron made into kid size.


If Little Monkey sees a pen, pencil, crayon, marker, or anything that she knows can be written with she will start asking “color? color?” until you allow her to color with it.


Putting together her animal puzzle as Dada watches.
She’s always likely to be wearing a “pretty” (an arm full of bracelets or some necklace)


She’s obsessed with finding lint between her toes.


Off to a successful start.

A family friend gave me a pack of smiley face stickers for Little Monkey. She loves stickers!

Little Monkey got in a tiff at “school” today and was scratched by another little kid. It was too bad, can hardly see the scratches now. She just needed a hug and was on her merry way to continue her day.

Dinner was veggie wontons and rice.

Pretty low key day.

Success for day one!

Dinner was Teryiaki Chicken with rice.
Entertainment was Chuck on tv and watching Little Monkey running around and play.

Temptations were…
Morning coffee run on the way to work. I feel so dead without it.
Seeing Banana Nut Cherrios on sale for $3 and having a .50c off coupon. I love cereal!

Today is in the 30s and I know I’m not going out today.  We decided to mix up our Sunday routine this morning and let Little Monkey take her tubby in the kitchen sink.  This is only the 2nd time we’ve done this, but it was so cute.

IMG_0260 b&w

Some of our friends and family received cupcakes and chocolate covered pretzels (decorated by the little monkey).





We had a successful night of baking and making, decorating and oohing.  We had fun with a lot of pink in the mix!

This is what some of our friends and family members and other special people in our lives are going to be receiving.

You’ll have to stay tuned to see what’s in the bag… don’t want to reveal the surprise to quickly for the peekers.

Tonight we are making and putting together Little Monkey’s valentine’s to take to school and to give to family.

Her Valentine’s party at “school” on Thursday.  There’s 9 little kids in her class and we are bringing them all valentine cards along with a baggie of animal crackers.  At her “school” we’re not suppose to bring candy for the party, only healthy snacks so I had to put some thought into that.

Pictures to follow…